About Me

It is always somewhat weird to write something like this, I am doing so in order to provide some sort of contexting for whomever might be interested.  Four college degrees including a Ph.D., born and grew up in Oklahoma (lived in the country 10 miles or so from the nearest town), grandfather farmed, father worked in the oilfields, mother was an amateur practitioner of guilt trips.

Spent 4 years in the military – all overseas – during the Vietnam fiasco (I was one of those folks that never was sent to Vietnam but was in the military during the war – or whatever it was).  I have spent too many years to count practicing the curious craft of psychotherapy — essentially getting paid to come to know, understand and appreciate another human being.  Remarkably enough, if such occurs, people tend to begin to be able to conduct their lives in more satisfying ways.  Phenomenal.

I have taught at the college and university level (as an adjunct professor) ever since graduate school, teaching can be both a very rewarding and a very difficult experience.  Quite often it is very much like doing the same play over and over……great danger therein of becoming jaded and puppetlike.  That’s one reason I never pressed very hard to teach full time…..I have great admiration for those who do and manage to avoid being overwhelmed by the repetition.  As for folks who teach in the public schools, parades should be conducted in their honor on a regular basis.

I have never seen anything created by a human that approaches the exquisite beauty afforded by the geography, landscapes and living plants and animals on this planet.  Given that this is true, as it assuredly is for me, then obviously one of my major values is honoring, preserving and appreciating that treasure.

One thing I have struggled with, often and intensely,  is trying to cling to my impression or comprehension of an experience or event versus what the culture or other people or “common sense” says it is.  Often I wasn’t successful and sold myself out to whatever pressure existed.  Other times I managed to (cliché warning) “be true to myself”.

On occasion my impression coincided with the general view but more often than not it didn’t.  For those of you that know what I am talking about you know this creates its own set of problems, especially if you choose to express your viewpoint……if you are not following this, that’s just as well and you can ignore it.

One of the sideffects of carving out your own perspective, should it not coincide with the “popular wisdom” is marginalization and feelings of isolation.  These are examples of mechanisms by which groups, cultures and societies enforce conformity and unified behavior.  Life can be a constant dance (or fist fight) between being ones own person or fitting into the human community.  We all engage in this process, throughout our lives, whether we recognize it or not.  It is often a major pain in the ass…..other times a tremendous source of pleasure and satisfaction.

Right now I am living as an ethical vegan, for a myriad of reasons not the least of which is that I do not believe that practicing oppression, for any reason, is any good way to live.  Veganism is an amazingly potent stance in regards to the world because it addresses multiple issues simultaneously: 1. It benefits the environment. 2. It saves lives. 3. It refrains from oppression. 4. It benefits health. 5. It avoids hypocrisy. 6. It is non-violent. 7. It affirms life.

Sounds good to me.  It isn’t often possible to accomplish so many positives and avoid so many negatives all at once.

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